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As a premium translation service provider, The Language Corner offers customized services to meet your translation needs. Whether you are looking to translate traditional print brochures or localize your latest software offering, we have the expertise to get the job done right the first time. If you are trying to reach a new audience or invigorate existing customers, we help keep the focus on both the message and its effective delivery.

Our best value services offering includes:

Document Translation Services

The Language Corner's primary service is the effective translation of information, whether it's a technical report, a contract, a press release, a brochure, a corporate memo, a presentation, or a banner. We take great pride in generating translations that are effective, culturally accurate and faithful to the intent of the original copy.

Because each translation project is unique, our team of ATA-certified translators will adapt source materials to fit the language, customs and style of your target audience. We work closely with you to make sure that the translated content preserves the integrity of your original intent, while remaining sensitive to the cultural nuances of the target market.

Website Localization Services

Increasingly, websites are the first line of communication with potential clients. To stay competitive in the global economy, corporate websites also provide an appealing and cost-effective means of entering a foreign language market, but do you know what first impression your website would give in Italian?

The Language Corner's Website Localization Service does not just translate your website; we also work with you to culturally adapt your corporate presence on the Internet to your target market. After an initial evaluation of your website and the cultural attributes of your target audience, we identify potential problems for the translation process —topics, marketability, consistency, terminology, dialects, and more— so that your message does not get lost in translation.

Our professional translators understand the special concerns of writing localized copy that is optimized for search engines and have the technical skills to work with web graphics, banner ads and directly with HTML, PHP and Javascript code.

Desktop Publishing Services

The Language Corner has its roots in the international publishing industry and a strong appreciation of the complexities of preparing foreign language e-files for printing. As with all projects, Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services begin with thorough research of the subject matter, professional translation of the copy and comprehensive proofreading and review.

Our complete DTP Services work with your existing document layout to professionally format the translated copy for you. Our translators work with industry-leading programs in both MAC and PC environments, including:

  • Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
  • HTML, PHP & other website coding
  • Macromedia (Flash)
  • MS Office Applications
  • QuarkXpress

Editing and Proofreading

Translating your business to another language can open a lot of doors, but if you haven't been working with a certified translator, it can also close quite a few. The Language Corner can provide a second opinion about the quality and accuracy of previous translations. Upon request, our certified translators will evaluate your existing translations and often make linguistic and stylistic improvements. In particular, we focus on common mistake made by non-certified translators: inconsistencies in terminology, inaccuracies, cultural miscues, spelling and grammatical mistakes, improper or missing accent marks, and other linguistic problems.

Our experience working with websites and publishing programs allows The Language Corner translators to work either from a Word document or the current platform your translation is implemented on.

Copywriting and Technical Writing

Translators love language, so it's not surprising that The Language Corner translators can work with you to create original content —either in English or in the target language— for your publication, business documents or website.

We also have the specialized knowledge necessary for technical writing, such as instruction manuals, technical reports, product brochures, etc. In addition to the actual translation of the text, our experienced linguists can offer guidance on the effectiveness, style, structure, and clarity of the text.

Glossary Development

Upon request, The Language Corner will work with you and our linguists to develop general or project-specific glossaries of frequently used terms and expressions. A database of standard translations will include the English terms and their target language equivalent or vice versa and will be compiled from your existing documentation, approved reference materials and our translators' own expertise. The use of glossaries is crucial to ensure accuracy and consistency in terminology, especially when multiple translators and editors are working on the same content.

Other Language Services

The Language Corner offers a number of ancillary services, including certification and notarization of legal translations (such as school transcripts, birth certificates and marriage certificates), tape transcriptions and back translations.